Product Development Engineer-(EMIR)
Categories:Technology Location:Shanghai,Hangzhou Release Time:2022-05-24
Job Responsibilities
  • 1. Participate in EMIR software development and product delivery, and formulate product input and output file formats; 2. Compare and analyze key indicators (parasitic parameters, timing, power consumption, voltage drop, electromigration, noise, etc.) through physical design, simulation, modeling, etc., and give statistical results, conclusions, and implementation plans; 3. According to the company's EDA product development requirements, participate in the formulation of product specifications, research and development directions and technical solutions; 4. Improve the deployment of the company's EDA products in the IC design process, and verify the method for internal and external technical support.
Job Requirements
  • 1. Bachelor's or master's degree or above in microelectronics, electronic engineering and other related majors, with more than two years of work experience; 2. Have strong interest in IC design signoff tool development under advanced technology, and have in-depth understanding of chip design process and EDA tools; 3. Familiar with at least three of the mainstream files verilog, lef/def, spef/dspf, sdc/lib (nldm, ccs), vcd/saif/fsdb, and techfile; 4. Familiar with EMIR analysis and analog circuit/digital front-end/digital back-end design; 5. Willing to explore new technical fields, with strong problem-solving ability and team spirit.
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