Phlexing was Awarded ‘Technological Innovation EDA Enterprise of the Year’


From March 29 to March 30, 2023 International IC & Component Exhibition And Conference(IIC) was host in Shanghai International Conference Center. With the theme 'Innovate to change, Proceed forward' , groups of industry experts and audience gathered together, discussing challenges and technological innovations for China's Semiconductor Industry. 

As the innovative precursor and solutions provider in advanced EDA Signoff tools, Phlexing was invited to IIC and present several speeches. Phlexing showcased its EDA Signoff solutions for advanced nodes process, drawing much attention from customers and fellow partners in the semiconductor industry.

At the 2023 annual China IC Design Accomplishment Award ceremony, Phlexing received accolades from the industry for its industry-leading Signoff platform. Powered by breakthroughs in fundamental computing architecture and algorithm, Phlexing builds a Signoff platform for parasitic RC extraction, EM/IR, power/thermal and multi-physics domain coupling analysis. With this powerful platform, Phlexing received the 'Technological innovation EDA enterprise of the Year' .

Dr. Runjie Zhang, senior product engineer from Phlexing, was invited to give a speech in the EDA and IC design innovation forum. His speech 'EDA co-simulation for EM/IR-Power-Thermal analysis in advanced process nodes' shared Phlexing's insights into co-analysis and solutions in the Signoff flow. Dr. Zhang also presented Phlexing's probing in accelerating the design closure of PPA.

In the post-Moore era, due to the ever-evolving design complexity and exponential multiplicity of design scenarios, IC designers exploring at the frontier of process technology are confronted with numerous challenges from design closure. Finding appropriate and efficient co-simulations to improve PPA achievement in complex chip design is a challenge for the entire EDA industry.

Through innovations in fundamental computing architecture and EDA technologies, Phlexing builds elastic computing structure for large-scale computing, powered by AI-aided interchangeable modeling techniques. Phlexing establishes a Signoff platform for faster and smarter IC design, including GloryEX high accuracy full-chip parasitic extraction solution, GloryBolt full-chip power EM/IR reliability signoff solution, and PhyBolt Multi-Physics domain system coupling analysis for 3D IC and chiplet. Phlexing's Signoff platform facilitates collaboration and innovations in IC design and Foundries.

In the future, Phlexing will stride further with determination and dedicate to developing industry-leading EDA tools. Phlexing, with its cutting-edge EDA innovations, devotes to the continuous evolution of advanced process technology and to the development of China's Semiconductor Industry.

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