For its innovations in advanced process nodes, Phlexing was rewarded by 2022 China’s IC Design Award as ‘The Innovative EDA Enterprise of the Year’


From August 16th to 17th, the 2022 International IC & component exhibition and conference (IIC) was held successfully in Nanjing, China. In the forum of EDA/IP and IC design, Dr. Qing He, Chairman and General Manager of Hangzhou Phlexing Technology Co., Ltd., was invited to present a speech on the role of Phlexing's Signoff tools in accelerating the convergence of advanced chip design. Qing He introduced different kinds of challenges associated with advanced FinFet process and Phlexing's innovative Signoff solutions. Qing demonstrated, in detail, how Phlexing's tools accelerate chip design process for users.

With the evolution of advanced FinFet process, chip design enters into the 3D mode at both the micro and the macro scale, while the traditional 2D modeling method failed to meet complex requirements of 3D technology. Chip designers need to face layers of challenges involving complex fabrication effects, advanced packaging, ever expanding IC scale and extreme specifications posed by PPA. All these factors result in untimely completion of Signoff. Qing He highlighted that Phlexing's EDA tools revolutionize through fundamental computing architecture, and, for the first time in the EDA industry, fulfill high-precision unified modeling of 2D and 3D structures. Powered by AI-aided interchangeable modeling technique and elastic computing architecture to support super capacity computing, Phlexing tool solutions optimizes and accelerates the Signoff process of chip design. This innovative solution has received Silicon-atom-level verification from Foundry ends and optimizes trade-offs between precision, efficiency and capacity.

In the 2022 annual China IC Design Achievement Award, Phlexing, as the innovation precursor in advanced EDA tools, received ‘innovative EDA company of the year' award for its breakthroughs in process nodes and other advanced device structures.

China IC Design Achievement Award is one of the most important awards in the electronics industry of China. The award aims to spotlight IC design companies and products with pioneering roles and innovative potentials. Co-hosted by Electronic Engineering Times, Journal of Electronic Technology Design, and Electronic Supply and Management-China, all issued by world-famous media press group Aspencore, the China IC Design Achievement Award has been hosted for 20 years. The award accompanies and witnesses the growth of China's IC industry.

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  • News For its innovations in advanced process nodes, Phlexing was rewarded by 2022 China’s IC Design Award as ‘The Innovative EDA Enterprise of the Year’
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