Full-Chip Power EM/IR Reliability Signoff Solution

GloryBolt is the industry’s gold-standard EM/IR tool for power, EM and static/dynamic IR drop analysis. GloryBolt supports full-chip power grid and signal reliability analysis for designs with hundreds of millions of instances. GloryBolt has built-in powerful full-chip modeling and simulation engine, which enable the full-chip analysis of power, IR drop and EM (electro-migration) to achieve Signoff accuracy. GloryBolt also provides user-friendly interface and displays various formats of analysis data. The data assist designers to evaluate the quality of their designs in an easy-to-understand way and perform to-the-point debug and optimization.
  • Static/Dynamic Power Analysis

  • Static/Dynamic IR Drop Analysis for Power/Ground network

  • Static/Dynamic EM Analysis

  • Die model configuration

  • Data Integrity Check

  • Display design Weaknesses in GUI

  • High performance GridCheck

  • Support advanced process nodes and Self-Heating model

  • Rush Current/Power Up analysis

  • ESD Electrostatic Discharge protection check

  • Support low power design

  • 3D-IC Design-Packaging Co-simulation

  • Support billion-unit design scale

  • Distributed system for resource allocation and reduced order computing




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